The Western Shelter system was designed to provide an easily transported, simple to erect, and, most importantly, weather-secure working environment for operations in remote locations.

From the arctic to the tropics, the proven reliability of the designs, material and construction has consistently exceeded customer expectations in the harshest of conditions.

Performance under these critical conditions has brought the Western Shelter range to the attention of agencies and organisations in the fire, rescue, medical, military and disaster response fields.

Since 1988, Western Shelter Systems have been producing innovative products for those that work in difficult and sometimes dangerous environments. Our equipment has supported field operations around the world in disaster response, bushfire incidents, medical emergencies, crime scene investigations and remote construction projects.

Western Shelters offer ideal field facilities for, emergency incident, command centres, medical operations, communications, billeting and project administration. The flexible habitats are so much more than a rapid response tent and are engineered with deployability in mind. All products are designed to be portable, compact & interoperable.

Standardisation of product type and the resultant interconnectivity of equipment, between the various emergency response and medical groups, both interstate and intrastate as well as New Zealand and international teams is an obvious advantage.

As the equipment is of common modular design, a medical/administration facility which has already been deployed & is in operation, can be easily expanded without interruption of existing services, providing faster and more effective, environmentally secure patient care.

Response teams can quickly deploy the shelters in austere conditions and inclement weather without the need for ladders, forklifts or tools