Restop for Recreation

Gotta go when there’s no place to go?
Then you need RESTOP 1 – a safe and easy way to dispose of liquid human waste.
• Small, lightweight, portable pouch (fits in backpack, purse, glove compartment)
• Easy to use by both males and females (contoured top)
• Spill proof and leak proof
• Odor Free
• EPA Approved for trash disposal
The RESTOP® 1 four-pack contains 4 disposable urine bags.
Each bag contains super absorbent polymers & enzymes that will absorb
a full 590ml (20 oz) of urine.
The wide opening with semi-rigid rim allows for easy use by men or women.
The one-way valve prevents spillage should the used bag be accidentally dropped. Restop contains the odor as well as the waste.
Deodorants are added to the polymers to eliminate odors.
The Restop 1 is a quick, convenient and environmentally friendly way to answer natures call.
When you're out and about and can't get to a toilet, make sure you are equipped with our stuff...we're RESTOP.
We provide totally mobile and disposable restroom products that are so lightweight they can be carried by anyone.
Disposal is easy - just drop it in any rubbish bin.
Restop is perfect for those who care about the environment and don't want to pollute with human waste.
Our advice: store it 'til you need it (Oh we know there will be a time when you'll need it. Trust us, you'll be glad that you did!)
Hikers, aviators, boaters, travellers, truckers, hunters, fishermen, backpackers and athletes love us!
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