.The K2 WDU-1 Water Disinfection Unit is manufactured in house in Australia and is designed for field use by emergency services personnel.

It has been challenge tested by an independent Australian water testing laboratory for the removal of Giardia, Cryptosporidium and bacteria.

To keep costs down, the unit has been sized to operate with the 60l/min pumps already in common use with these services, however a pump can be supplied if required. The unit is supplied in a space case, with spare filters and spare UV lamp and sleeve, etc, a pre- filter kit is also available, for use where the source water has a high turbidity level.

Operating voltage is 230vac and the electrical supply inlet, RCD and pump supply outlet are mounted on the s/s frame. Although designed to be used under cover, a modified version is available which can be operated inside the case.  

The unit has a max flow of 32 t0 34 litres/min, it has automatic shut down if the UV output falls below the minimum effective level, this stops the supply pump and closes the inlet valve, to prevent untreated water entering/ leaving the unit.

Weight: Unit only (dry) 50kgs including spares.

Case 16kgs. Dims. 1100mm x 540mm x 470mm

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