The Handiwash & Miniwash is the most compact, easy to install and technologically advanced mobile handwash unit.

For anyone whose work brings them into contact with hazardous substances, or unhygienic conditions, it should be considered a necessity.

Extensively used by Telstra Australia and exported worldwide, Handiwash can assist you in meeting occupational health and safety requirements.

HANDIWASH  Hot and Cold taps  &  MINIWASH  Hot Tap Only

The Handiwash Unit is thermostatically controlled.

It has a Power lead (Red) & Earth lead (Red/Black Tracer) Earth Lead which is connected to the vehicles chassis. Power lead connected to vehicles power supply via a relay, so unit is only operational when the vehicles ignition is on.

Hygiene in the mobile workplace is becoming an increasingly important issue.  

This is extremely important for people who work in unhygienic conditions in their mobile working environment.

Handwash units are a cost effective way to instantly convert any mobile workplace into a safe working environment.

It is easy to use and a convenient way to promote personal hygiene practices amongst your workers. Improved personal hygiene will greatly reduce sick days taken and costs associated with compensation claims.  Thus improving operational efficiency and revenue as well as achieving a greater return on your initial investment.

The unit is very compact and easy to install and is suitable for internal and external applications.

It features a heavy duty element which is thermostatically controlled and is protected by a thermal overload safety device.

For technical information on the Handiwash or Miniwash please click on the link below.