DLX - Deployed Logix

K2 Tech Solutions is excited to offer new and interesting products from DLX.
At Deployed Logix, Less is More. They have developed lightweight, off-grid, mission-specific basecamp, power, and deployment products for emergency services and law enforcement.

They have 25 years experience in the field and understand that you might deploy anywhere, any time.

ASAP® Rapid Shelter Systems

The ASAP®Rapid Response Shelters are designed to be compact and first to be deployed in the field. With a unique compact rigid aluminum frame design with outer cover attached the ASAP® Rapid Response Shelter System can be deployed by just two people in less than 5 minutes.

From years of experience working with first responder personnel across the globe we have identified several deployment gaps that the ASAP® Rapid Response Shelter can fill.

The basic shelter actually goes up in less than 1 minute.
The ASAP™ Response Kit comes packed in a Hard Case that can be lifted or rolled by just two people, and is small enough to toss in the back of a truck. You can now take communications, command, rehab, or even triage to places they could never go before.
Atlas Anchor System
Made from ultra-heavy UV, mildew, and fire-resistant vinyl and nylon, the ATLAS® anchor is tough enough to fill with rocks, dirt, bricks, or whatever you have on hand. Three independent compartments means you can fill just one compartment or all three, depending on your needs.

When we say adaptable and tactical, we mean it. The ATLAS® anchor is easier and faster to transport, set up and fill than traditional water bladders or barrels, and gives you many more options for filling and securing than sand or dirt anchors and works with any shelters in the industry that you may already have in your cache.

The ATLAS® anchor weighs just 5.5 lbs when empty, and folds to less than 1ft3. On the other hand, it weighs over 625 pounds when filled with water or can be filled with over 10ft3 of rocks, sand or gravel.

The ATLAS® anchor is a safe, functional alternative to stakes in delicate environments or on blacktop/concrete.